Howick House, Tennis Court & Pool

This House, tennis court & pool were constructed on a large unstable cliff top property and included considerable feasibility challenges.

The house and the terrace were significant in size consisting of three storey construction in block with reinforced concrete. The house was designed to maximum height restrictions and included a large span floor of precast concrete construction.

The concrete constructed tennis court was fully suspended at the cliff top and positioned as such to ensure unrestricted views.

The swimming pool featured a glass wall and was constructed 3.5m above ground, suspended over workshop and storage areas.

The site required significant retaining including an “in ground” palisade retaining wall. This was constructed on the cliff top immediately adjacent to a Council drain, and this posed a design challenge as the space was confined.


  • Unstable cliff top
  • In ground palisade retaining wall
  • Tennis court - fully suspended concrete structure over cliff top
  • Suspended Pool
  • Substantial site retaining walls
  • Three storey house constructed in block and reinforced concrete
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