Remuera Tennis Court & Pool

Positioned on the northern slopes of Remuera Road this project involved the addition of a swimming pool and tennis court.

The challenge was to add these recreational spaces without overshadowing the property and neighbours.

A “cut and fill” construction was employed to maximise the space and site coverage restrictions were achieved by collecting storm water into a detention tank.

The pool and entertaining terrace was suspended over a pavilion and a gym that overlooked the tennis court. A glass balustrade fulfilled safety requirements fencing the pool from the drop to the tennis court whilst providing an unrestricted view.

To make the pool cover easy to use, an integrated automatic pool cover was contained in a chamber built into the end of the pool.


  • Tennis court constructed as cut and fill
  • Glass balustrade cantilevers out of pool wall
  • Suspended concrete terrace
  • Integrated automatic pool cover contained in end of pool
  • Lovretec lourve roof
  • Storm water collected into detention tank

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